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Eric Kline


Born in Bellevue, Washington, Eric is a Second Year Supply Chain Management major with an un-dying love for his school, peers, and community. Growing up, Eric learned the value of student government and serving those around you, and after 2 years in ASBSU, he's ready to take his skills and apply them to the Boise community. Eric is committed to restoring student voice in ASBSU, expanding access to ASBSU funds, and bringing BSU to new heights.

You can schedule a meeting with Eric here or email any time and he'd love to talk:

Solenne de Tassigny

Vice President

After 14 years of living in Boise, Solenne is seeking to use her deep understanding and commitment to the Boise community as a framework to guide her role as Vice President. Solenne is currently a third-year Economics major with a minor in sustainability who is dedicated to identifying and amplifying the voices of individuals on campus that have been left out of ASBSU's conversations. Currently a member of the Academic Senate, Solenne vows to use her experience in ASBSU to guide and motivate her duties as Vice President. Through expanding student access channels to ASBSU and preparing for the multifaceted challenges that we must face as a school in a post-COVID world, Solenne and Eric will ensure that ASBSU puts students first.

Feel free to reach out to Solenne :