Our List of Endorsements:

Club leaders:

Ryan Olson - Maker Club President

Liam Carter - Arabic Club Vice President

Braden Bowker - HSA VP of Professional Development/Alumni Relations

Amber Warren - Osprey House Council

Trent Brown - HSA Fundraising Coordinator

Student Representatives:

Angel Cantu - Former ASBSU President

Aidan McConnehey - COEN Senator

Emily Her - ASBSU Sustainability Committee Chair

Cheyon Sheen - Former ASBSU Government Officer

Community Leaders:

John Gannon - State Represnetaive D-17 A

Community Members:

Miguel Mancias

Max Tolman

Eric Melin


"I have worked with Eric on several projects and he is bright, energetic, and committed. He was willing to help low-income people in our Boise State Neighborhood with a passion. He is easy to work with and he will be effective dealing with legislative issues on behalf of students." - John Gannon

"Eric Kline is the enthusiastic, detail-oriented professional that can continue to lead all Bronco students forward!" - Braden Bowker